How You Can Own Logo Design With Lower Cost

A corporate logo is what uncovers a business identity in the marketplace and among clients. It is one of the most highlighted components in a business promotion that needs professionalism and perfection. A robust logo design is the foundation of a more robust marketing plan. We will tell you how you can own a logo free of charge or lower cost.

Logo Design
  1. Free of Cost Logos

Would you ever prefer to take something free but not of your taste? We think so too!! Free of cost logos are like putting a cheap sticker on your brand. This is what is visible to your targeted audience. A logo is an identity, recognition and awareness for a brand. If it's not good looking, it's not going to bring any benefits to your business. Instead of opting to get a logo free of cost, do not opt to get a logo at all.

Switch a logo by having a unique business name and show it out in letterings with single or dual colors on flyers, brochures, company cars and store boards.

A good business name is not costly. Only the investment is. If you do not want to invest in a logo, this is one of the easiest and profitable ways of replacing it.
  1. Logo Under $50

There is plenty of logo creator and freelance-graphic designers that could design a custom logo design for you under $50. The logo's quality would be less than the price because it would be created on free graphic software. It is a suitable option for start-ups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs who want to have an identity but on a minimum. Also, it is ideal for those businesses that do not have to market their products or services. However, while selecting the low-cost designers, ensure looking at their existing work and portfolios to know how they would design your business logo.

Another good option is to ask the logo creators to make your business name appear as a logo with your company theme colors and add an icon that resembles your business. This would be simple yet unique and would also provide a good impression on your customer.
  1. Logo Under $300


Websites that feature a house full of designers can create a good quality logo for you under $300. This is a reasonable budget. Businesses that believe in a first impression should opt for this if your business is about luxurious clothing products, cosmetics, travel & tourism or anything that needs attractions. Then you have to focus on receiving a unique yet high-quality logo. Many professional designer houses provide an excellent logo developed under $300. Try to put logo agencies on priority if you have this budget with you. They provide you with a custom logo design and a variety of custom logo ideas for your business. And if you want to change it later on for a revision, it is provided under the package. This is suitable for medium-sized business of all industries.

What colors should you opt for Logo Design?

Previously we have discussed how can businesses get their logo made. Now we will discuss an important factor in marketing your business. Shades and tones play a crucial part in your advertising logo ideas. According to new sources, the audience gives an emotional response to specific colors, and you can reap the benefits of this tactic. Audience select within the first 90 seconds whether they want to shop from a brand by looking at its website. In this, the 80% choice is solely on the color shade of the logo.

Let's have a look at which colors suits which industry.

  • Food Industry | Red is for appetite and vitality. At the same time, Green is for health and wellbeing.
  • Finance and Banking | Blue is for genuinely and trust. Red is for human touch, and yellow is for happy customer service.
  • Clothing and accessory | Dark colors are appreciated for elegance. Red for enthusiastic. Orange for attraction.
  • Automobile Cars Bikes Manufacturers | Grey for a luxurious look. Red for attracting men and blue for reliability.
  • Interior Decors | Blue for comfort. Orange for an inspirational look.
  • Medicine and Pharmaceuticals | Blue is for clean. Orange is for hope, and Green is for natural energy.

Logo Icons and Designs | Do and Don't

It does not matter if you operate a start-up, small or big business. The one that matters the most is the logo. What is it displaying? Is it giving the wrong signal to your customers? For example, if you are selling clothes and the icon is sexist, many of your audience wouldn't even bother entering the website or a physical store. This is why while brainstorming ideas for your logo. It would be best to keep into your mind that your business needs to deliver a clear, neutral and simplified message to your audience through a business logo. Avoid racist, religious, or any types of icons that would trigger your audience to have a bad image of you.

The Verdict

A business makes suitable investments for its audience. To earn good profits, you need to have a strategy planned. If your first preference is to get a cheap logo design, then it would not be satisfying in the longer run. However, there are multiple logos designing agencies that create good quality logos at less price.