X-Men movie star Famke Janssen, 51, showed off the figure of a young lady

A lace mini dress favorably emphasized the slender long legs and embossed arms of the ageless beauty. Dark curls flowed elegantly over her chest. "And this woman is 51 years old?" - Commentators on Instagram are perplexed.

Famke Janssen

Looking at the actress, many remembered another incredibly youthful star - model Christie Brinkley. At 61, she looks almost the same as she did at the beginning of her career. Through the clever use of plastic surgery, Brinkley has become a "woman without age." The blonde does not hide the fact that she regularly visits a plastic surgeon, uses Botox and fillers, but she is smart about plastic surgery.

But how Famke Janssen manages to maintain a girlish figure is a real mystery, because she does not recognize the achievements of aesthetic medicine.

- Gravity works against you. You can try to slow down this process, but you will never win the battle. I would rather focus on writing and directing than visiting a dermatologist at a hospital. Frankly, they just scare me very much, - explained the actress in an interview.

Vegans cite Famke Janssen as an example, because the actress does not eat meat and dairy products at all, but she looks her best. It turns out that Janssen's views were influenced by his beloved dog, Licorice. The hostess fell in love with the dog so much that she was imbued with warmth for all living things.

- When you become attached to an animal, everything changes. It does not matter whether it is a dog, a chicken or a cow - everyone has their own feelings and emotions, - the actress is sure.

Another secret of Jansen's youth is that she drinks a lot of water, but never from plastic bottles! In her opinion, some chemicals can "seep" into the water and poison the body, moreover, the environment suffers from the abundance of plastic.